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Diecast Dinky Corgi Toy Car Restoration and Collection - boxtemplates


These box reproductions use very little original content from the manufacturers box. All fonts are adjusted to match as far as possible the original fonts. Dimensions are as exact as possible without any 100% guarantee The colors of the original boxes varied considerably, so a near match has been used. These reproductions are the intellectual property of the author and will be available for Download at a small cost
Some Dinky boxes are not original such as the Lagonda, but a representation of what one would look like had they not used the 6 pack boxes.
The displayed image is reduced quality - coming soon, you can down-load the original.

Box will be available for download soon
150s Vanwall Formula 1 Grand Prix
151A Lotus Mark Eleven Racing Car
152s BRM Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing Car
206 Hillman Husky
211 Studebaker Golden Hawk
211s Studebaker Golden Hawk
218 Aston Martin DB4
233 Heinkel
234 Ford Consul Classic 315
260 Renault 16
300 Austin Healey Sports Car
309 Aston Martin Competition Model
412 Bedford Utilecom Ambulance
GS16 Ecurie Ecosse Racing Car Transporter with Three Racing Cars
1284 Racing Car Series Generic Box
106 Austin Atlantic Convertible
109 Austin Healey Sports Car
114 Triumph Spitfire
129 Volkswagen De Luxe
139 Ford Cortina
150 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
151 Triumph 1800 Saloon
152 Austin Devon
153 Standard Vanguard
154 Hillman Minx Saloon
155 Ford Anglia
156 Rover 75 Saloon
157 Jaguar XK black spot
157 Jaguar XK red and green spot
158 Riley Saloon
159 Morris Oxford
162 Ford Zephyr Saloon
165 Humber Hawk
169 Studebaker Golden Hawk
170 Ford Sedan
172 Studebaker Land Cruiser
185 Alfa Romeo Super Sprint
189 Triumph Herald
190 Caravan
195 Jaguar 3.4 Saloon
197 Morris Mini Traveller
236 Connaught Racing Car
237 Mercedes Benz Racing Car
238 Jaguar Type D
252 Bedford Refuse Wagon
253 Daimler Ambulance
254 Austin Taxi
258 Desoto Police Car
25f Market Gardeners Wagon
30B Rolls Royce
30d Vauxhall
340 Land Rover
36b Bentley Two-Seater Sports Coupe
38c Lagonda
38e Armstrong Siddeley Coupe
39a Packard
40E Standard Vanguard
420 Leyland Forward Control Lorry
429 Trailer
443 Tanker National Benzol
490 NCB Electric Dairy Van
514 Guy Van
571 Coles Mobile Crane
Dinky France
22a Maserati
24N Citroen 11BL
24R Peugeot 203
Louis Marx
886 Hauler and Dray
Toby Toys
861 Sports Car
861 green Sports Car